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Over the 25 years, I have known Mike Davies I have found him to be a man of principle and integrity. I have known him as a single man, a husband, and a father and have seen him mature through these stages of life with a consistent commitment to his Christian faith and values.

I have had a leadership role in Mike's life for many years and he is an excellent team player and a great participator in any project. His relational networking is excellent and his sense of humor creates an environment that people enjoy. Whatever capacity your connection with Mike will be, you will find he is very genuine and productive and goes the extra mile to see excellent results. You can make this connection with Mike with confidence.

I have known Mike Davies for the past twenty years. In this time, I have watched Mike grow in his leadership ability, play the role of peacemaker, mature as a public speaker, become an influential voice in the socio-political arena within but not limited to the southwest of England, and emerge as a sought after commentator on a range of issues on both electronic and print media. Mike is a dedicated husband and father, and the way he conducts his personal and public life is in total keeping with his Christian faith and a very clear set of values, top of which list is his integrity. It is a privilege to recommend Mike to you, in the knowledge that, in whatever capacity you seek to engage his services, you can have the utmost confidence that he will add real value to your organization, church, or event.

It is a pleasure and privilege to write to commend the ministry of Mike Davies. I have known Mike for the past fifteen years and have been the recipient of both his friendship and ministry. Mike has a lively sense of humour that at times reflects his insights beneath the surface, this is also a feature of his ministry and passion for the supernatural work, gifts, and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Mike has ministered in our local church on a number of occasions and the word ministered and the ministry of healing that followed has left a deposit in the local body. Not only were people healed but others were released into a deeper place of effectiveness in their own ministry.

Mike’s gift of leadership has grown during the time we have known each other. His leadership style is characterised by a sense of purpose coupled with humour and an ability to work with people to get the job done.

I have known Mike Davies for many years and worked with him on various church projects and Charitable Boards. Mike works with great character and diligence on everything he puts his hand to and has been a great ally in working through the challenges of building the Kingdom of God. I can confidently recommend that Mike will be a great blessing to those who invite him to share his insight and spiritual experience with their congregation. He will also leave a great deposit of spiritual encouragement in the people. He always adds strength to those he works with.

Mike Davies led the RoadPeace World Day of Remembrance Services for ‘Lives Lost & Broken on the Road’ held in Ashburton in November 2010 and 2011. RoadPeace provides emotional and practical support for people who have been bereaved or injured through road crashes. The World Day of Remembrance for road crash victims is the third Sunday in November and is marked across the globe. Mike is a warm, compassionate speaker who understands the effects that violent death, bereavement, and life-changing injuries have on families and can relate to this on a personal level. His ability to reach those from all backgrounds is a special gift that many aspire to.

Jeff Baker, Road Peace Trustee (the national charity for road crash victims)

It is the plan of God in my life to know Pastor Rev. Mike Davies and have fellowship with him. He is a humble man of God who adjusts himself into all the weather and circumstances for the ministry of Jesus. This scripture will suite him "I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need" Philippians 4:12. It is my great privilege and joy to know him personally and to host him at our home and ministry during his trip to India. He is such a very kind-hearted person and he is finding out the ways to help the poor children at our children’s home and ministry in India. We are so blessed by His ministry. He has ministered at our churches and crusades where many people got saved and got revived. We are praying the Lord to bring him back to our ministry in India. He is not only a leader and a preacher but also a good writer. I am reading his recent book titled "The Generous Heart" which is a great blessing to me, my family and ministry.

Rev. Moses, The Bethel Worship Centres, India.